GDMK Images has moved

This blog is no longer updated. I have a new self hosted web presence at gdmkimages.co.uk for all my stock photography, wall art ideas and products and photography news. Please update any bookmarks to that page.

The blog posts on this site are being reviewed, updated to reflect changes in equipment and technology and republished on the new site. Once updated the post is removed from this site.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you over at the new site


So what do you need to know about me? Well I have been into photography for around 30 years and take photos of almost anything and everything. I have a large collection of images from over the years and display a selection on my website – GDMK Images.

This blog will complement my main site so I can share the images I enjoy whilst passing on the knowledge I have learnt over the years. The blog will provide behind the scenes information from the main site, discussions on more general photography topics and so on. Learning and developing is a constant feature of modern photography as new styles and techniques emerge almost daily. If I can share my knowledge, images and joy from photography and inspire others then I will be a fairly content chap.

Other than that I live in England, shoot with a Nikon and support the San Diego Chargers. There you go a little about me, feel free to comment below……….?


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