4468 Mallard Steam Loco

Steam Train Spectacular – The Great Gathering at York National Railway Museum

A historic gathering has been underway for the last couple of weeks in York.

If you are of the steam train persuasion then you will know I am talking about the ‘Great Gathering’ at the National Railway Museum.

For those who don’t and haven’t got a clue what I am talking about here is a brief overview.

The event is part of the Mallard 75 celebrations being organised to commemorate the phenomenal achievement that occurred on 3 July 1938.

On that day, ‘A4’ class steam locomotive Mallard raced down Stoke Bank at 126mph to set a new steam locomotive world speed record.

That record still stands to this date.

Only six of the original 35 ‘A4’ locomotives built still survive in the world.

The National Railway Museum has arranged to repatriate 2 overseas survivors, Dwight D Eisenhower and Dominion of Canada, from their home museums in the USA and Canada to take part in this unique and probably once in a lifetime event.

4468 Mallard Steam Loco

4468 Mallard Steam Loco on Display at the Great Gathering in York

The ‘Great Gathering’ is the first of three opportunities to see the record-breaking Mallard united, side by side, with its five surviving sister locomotives.

The first gathering ended on 17th July with the next event planned from 26 October–8 November 2013.

If you want to see this historic family reunion then checkout this link with full details of all related events – Mallard 75.

York is a pretty good railway museum and has some interesting and historically significant displays and exhibits and is definitely well worth a visit in its own right.

This historic exhibition makes the National Railway Museum a must see.

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2 thoughts on “Steam Train Spectacular – The Great Gathering at York National Railway Museum

  1. Thanks for that – the museum has been well designed to allow lots of natural light in. The biggest problem was the sheer number of people. It was almost impossible to get a good clear shot.

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