Creme tulip stamen close up

Creme And Yellow Tulips

I just couldn’t resist taking more Tulip images so here are a couple of new Creme and Yellow Tulip images.

The first image was taken with a Nikon 16-85 lens fitted with a 32mm extension tube (Kenko 12mm & 20mm tubes connected together).

Creme tulip stamen close up

Creme tulip stamen close up

This next image was taken from ground level looking up to catch the sky in the background. I wanted to try something a little different, but I have to say, I seriously ached after the contortions needed to get the camera set up with this composition!

creme tulip close up

creme tulip close up

For all these images I used the same set up as mentioned in my earlier Tulip post, the manfrotto 190 tripod, release cable, mirror lock up etc. Again breezes were still a small inconvenience. One thing that gets plenty of exercise when taking these sort of images is your patience.

The garden is full of spring colour at the moment so I will be busy experimenting with some different compositions over the next week.

Cheers for now



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