black white seashell fineart

Black and white macro

So in between messing about with my content provider, I have worked on some recent macro photos.

I was experimenting with off camera flash, various diffusers and background materials. Ideally I want to get a wireless flash trigger but for now am using the Nikon Commander mode. This system is quite flexible and allows freedom to mix the on board and remote flash direct from the camera settings.

I mostly have the pop up flash switched off and only use it to fire the off camera flash via commander mode, but occasionally use it on minimum power output for a little fill in addition to the remote flash.

This photo was taken with the shell on black card as the base and background. An A4 sheet of white printer paper was used as a diffuser to soften the flash.

GDMK Images: Macro Fine Art Black White Seashell

I experimented with the light in different positions and distances from the subject.

Overall I am pretty happy with this photo, it would be great to hear what you guys n gals think



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