BBMF Dakota flying low over the coast aircraft aeroplane

Airshow season approaches

Well it seems Christmas has only just left and already the airshow season is approaching.

In around 6 weeks time the sky at weekends will start resonating to the sound of aircraft big and small going through their paces.

Some will bring pure brute force whilst others gracefully dance through the air whilst others stir long distant memories and remind us of the courage and sacrifice willingly given by so few.

BBMF Dakota low over the coast  aircraft aeroplane

Battle of Britain Memorial flight Dakota gracefully doing its thing

RAF aerobatic aircraft display team Red Arrows

Red Arrows trailing white smoke against a perfect blue sky

F16 tight turn afterburners blazing plane aircraft aeroplane

Brute force and raw power from the F16

It’s a big shame the USAF have withdrawn all airshow funding this year as that will leave a big hole in the big shows like RIAT.

Yet another sign of the modern times unfortunately. Above all lets hope this airshow season is fun, enjoyable and above all else safe for everyone involved.


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