sucker for a sunset – can The Photographer’s Ephemeris help?

They may be cliche and done to death but I’m still a sucker for a fiery sunset.

I recently came across a useful tool to help plan sunrise and sunset shoots called The Photographer’s Ephemeris. The software is available in versions for the PC and MAC which are free and there are versions for iOS and Android devices available at a small cost.

GDMK Images: Places and Landscapes &emdash; colourful red clouds sunset

The Photographers Ephemeris is a sun and moon calculator which shows the information on a map.

There are many features to enable photographers to plan a shoot around the best light conditions.

The product allows you to choose any place in the world and any upcoming date to see where the sun will rise or set.

I entered a number of local places which have good viewpoints for either sunrises or sunsets.

GDMK Images: Places and Landscapes &emdash; sunset sea clouds

You can save your chosen locations for future reference.

The software allows you to increment the date and updates the map accordingly. This allows you to pick a vantage point and increment the date to see when the sun will be in a certain position.

This will be ideal for predicting when the sun (or moon) will rise or set over a particular landscape feature or cast light on a chosen building. I have already added a number of dates into my diary for some local spots.

I have only just scratched the surface and will post a follow-up report in due course. My initial impression is very positive.

Anyway, thanks for reading

cheers for now



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