Ice crystals horse and rider

Ice Crystals II – Seeing things……?

Following my first post last week about ice crystals, we had more snow so I took the chance to have another go. I tried out the extension tubes with all my lenses this time and concluded the tubes are a great piece of kit. They open up a whole new style of photography. If you ever get a chance to try a set then I can fully recommend them. The tubes are manufactured by Kenko and come in three pieces giving 12, 20 or 36mm of extension. They can be mounted in any combination to vary the amount of magnification.

I took 150 or so images and after a while I am convinced I started seeing recognisable shapes in the crystals. Perhaps it was too long crouched over in the snow, I’m not sure! Any way have a look at a couple of these and let me know if I’m going mad or not.

See anything…..?

Ice crystals pig attacks the wizard

Is there a pig trying to shoot a wizard in this image?

How about this one ….?

Ice crystals horse and rider

Hooded person being pulled on a cart by a horse…?

Let me know if you see something so I can reassure my family I am not going loopy!!

Thanks for looking people.


Fire away below and let me know what you think ......

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