Ice crystals extreme close up

Ice Crystals

Afternoon all, I have been pretty busy with a new project so havent really had time to get out too much recently. I have been helping out with photo repairs for the Care for Sandy Project. This project is helping to organise the repair and restoration of photos damaged in the Hurricane last October.

Anyway, with all the snow in the UK at the moment I couldn’t resist getting out and trying out some new extension tubes.

If you have never tried extension tubes then I suggest you borrow or acquire a set and have a go. Extension tubes open up the world of extreme closeup images.

I only had 5 mins spare so quickly grabbed a shot of some ice crystals that were forming whilst the snow was thawing.

Ice crystals extreme close up

Ice crystals taken with a Tamron 90mm lens and Kenko extension tubes.

As usual thanks for taking the time to look and feel free to leave a comment




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