Online image theft and competitions revisited

I have a couple of earlier posts discussing image theft and certain competitions potentially using the entries as cheap stock grabs. Following my issue with image misuse, I have read up on various copyright related issues and came across a couple of posts that you may (or may not) find interesting. The first is the ‘Artists Bill of Rights’ which is working on many fronts to help preserve the rights of all artists, be it photographers, artists, musicians or writers. Interestingly, they have a list of competitions that do not remove the submitters right to copyright or recompense for future use of their submissions. May be useful for anyone who submits to competitions – they have a couple of other lists which make interesting reading!

The second, is a post on the Amateur Photographer website detailing new arrangements to make it easier and, more importantly, much cheaper for people in the UK who have had their intellectual rights compromised to seek financial recompense. Basically you can seek damages of up to £5000 for breach of copyright through the Patents County Court ‘small claims track’ without the need to appoint a solicitor. There are still costs associated but these are significantly reduced as a result of removing the need for a potentially long drawn out legal case.

Anyway just a little food for thought


Fire away below and let me know what you think ......

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