Mountain Mist at the foot of Ben Nevis

Autumn in the scottish highlands part III

Here is my last post showing the beautiful sights found walking through through Glen Nevis in the Autumn. There are a couple of links to external information about climbing Ben Nevis which visitors will find useful.
We wanted to walk along the river through Glen Nevis towards Ben Nevis. Walk out of Fort William on the A82 towards Inverlochy until you come to the roundabout. Carry straight ahead on to Glen Nevis Road. The visitor centre is signposted here so just follow the signs. It is about 2.5 miles from Fort William to the visitor centre where the climb to Ben Nevis really starts.

Map of Glen Nevis

Map showing route from Fort William to the Peak of Ben Nevis

The scenery we encountered was stunning to say the least. All around were trees coloured in autumnal shades from full green through yellow to gold. It is a truly breathtaking sight.

Autumn Forest

Autumn coloured trees

Approximately 3/4 mile along the road we came across this small waterfall. I scrambled down to a small stony area and set up my tripod. I soon realised I shouldnt hang around too long.

River Nevis Small Waterfall

Small waterfall in the River Nevis 

The torrential rain over the past few days was causing the river level to rise quite rapidly and in the few minutes I was there, the clear rocky ledge I was standing on had become submerged up to my ankle. Time for a quick retreat back to the road.

We continued to walk along the road towards the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre and slowly the group of peaks alongside the highest mountain in Britain came into view.

Glen Nevis Road To The Mountains

Glen Nevis road near to the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre

Continuing along the road for another 3/4 mile or so and we came to the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre. Here you will find plenty of information about the current weather and climbing conditions. Please note, climbing any mountain is not a light thing to undertake and you should make sure you are adequately prepared and equipped. A link to the easiest ascent of the mountain, the ‘Mountain Track’,  is here along with plenty of other good advice for any would be climbers.

River Nevis up close and personal

River Nevis up close and personal

We continued along the road for another mile or so and crossed the river near to the Youth Hostel. Here I took the chance to get up close and personal with the River Nevis.

Once you are across the river and away from the trees on the riverbank, you get a stunning view of the autumnal colours that grace the lower levels of the ascent.

Mountain Mist at the foot of Ben Nevis

Low mist forming in the valley at the foot of Ben Nevis

We had no plans to climb the mountain which was probably a good decision in hindsight. The weather was starting to close in and with at least a 2 hour walk back to the accommodation we decided that the first 400m or so would have to suffice for this trip. Around three-quarters of the way back the heavens opened and the torrential downpour resumed so, thankfully, we made the correct decision not to climb any higher.

Back in Fort William we called into the Cobb Bistro for a well earned pint of local ale and a cracking meal. I hope you have found something of value whilst reading these 3 posts. I would love to hear your feedback.
More of my images from this trip are available on my website so drop by and have a look.

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