Highland trees and mist taken from train in autumn

Autumn in the scottish highlands part II

So here we go with an update as promised.

St Pancras Renaissance hotel in black and white

St Pancras Renaissance hotel

We arrived in London at St Pancras and I couldn’t resist recording the magnificent fully restored Renaissance hotel. What a fantastic building.

Looking at the picture, if it wasnt for the London Cab, you could almost be back in Victorian times.

In the first post I mentioned walking to the London Eye area as I hadn’t been there in the evening for many years.

The area is rich with photo opportunities which include the London Eye, River Thames, Houses of Parliament and Jubilee Bridges to name a few.

Despite the rain intensifying I managed to get a few photos before the rain got too heavy.

South Bank and Houses Parliament Dusk

South Bank and Houses Parliament at Dusk

London Eye River Thames and Houses of Parliament at Dusk

Landmarks of London at Dusk

The rain became torrential so we decided it was time to look for something to eat and think about getting back to London Euston for the sleeper.

We were booked onto the 2115 service which splits into 3 portions at Edinburgh. These portions then go on to Fort William, Inverness or Aberdeen. I have used the sleeper before and find  its a great way to get up to Scotland. You leave London in the late evening and arrive in Scotland between 0700 & 1000 depending on your chosen destination. If you book early enough you can pick tickets up from £19 from the Scotrail website.

Caledonian Sleeper train at Euston

Caledonian Sleeper train at Euston

Check-in to your cabin is available from 2030 so we went straight to our cabin at that time. If you have never been on the sleeper service you will find the cabins are extremely cosy. There is a bunk bed and a sink and that’s it. Theres not much room to move about but then again you don’t need that much.

Sleeper train cabin inside view

Sleeper train cabin inside view

There is a club coach where you can sit and relax and have a late night bevy or three. One tip though, if you intend to use the club coach get there early as we left it a while and found there was no room to sit which was a bit frustrating so we took our drinks back to the cabin.

Sleeper travel is probably a Marmite thing – you’ll either love it or hate it.  Personally I love it – the kid in me loves the sense of adventure.

The beds are surprisingly comfortable. The gentle motion of the train also helps you sleep. We were woken at 0830 by the attendant knocking the door with our pre-ordered morning drinks.

The train is scheduled to arrive at Fort William at 0954 so by the time I finished my coffee and had a quick wash it was approaching 9am. Time to have a quick look outside to take in some of the beautiful scenery. I certainly wasnt disappointed.

Highland trees and mist taken from train in autumn

Highland trees and mist taken from train

Unfortunately the weather hadn’t overly improved but the scenery from the window was stunning. We were treated to mile after mile of beautiful mountains draped in mist and a cacophony of autumn coloured trees.

Highland trees and river in autumn taken from train

Highland trees and river taken from train

All to soon we had arrived at Fort William, and therefore time to gather our bits together and leave the train. We had arrived fresh and ready to book into our cottage for the 2 day stay.

In the next part I will share some of the photos from our walk along the River Nevis  towards Ben Nevis.

As usual feel free to leave any comments

cheers for now  Gary


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