Product Overview – Edge Prints

Today I would like to share with you an overview of one of the products available on my site. The Edge Print is a contemporary and stylish way to show off your favourite image. Below are some details about this product – there are more details on my main webpage.

The Edge Print sees your image bonded to a block of MDF and treated with a choice of two different finishes – Satin or Acrylic. The edges are then bonded with a textured edge that is available in 5 different colour finishes.

Each image is wrapped in a protective lining within a presentation box. The presentation box is then delivered inside standard cardboard delivery packaging. Perfect to make sure your gift is received in pristine condition.

Edge print product shown in its protective packaging

Edge Print in its protective packaging

The Edge Print feels solid and slightly heavy compared to a normal print – well it is a block of MDF after all!

Once removed from the packaging you can see the true quality.

The image here is a Satin finish on a Lustre print which suits the B&W image perfectly with its crisp and sharp finish.

Edge print product removed from its packaging

Edge Print unwrapped

Edge Prints are fixed to the wall with simple wooden batons which also result in the image standing off the wall slightly which adds to the modern and contemporary effect.

The bonded edge really finishes the overall effect off very well.

Detailed look at Edge Print textured edges

A closer look at the bonded edges

Every picture on my main site are available on the Edge Print product, but more importantly, do you have your own beautiful digital image that would look perfect on an Edge Print?

Drop by via the links above and have a look at the details or leave me a message if you want more info.

Thanks for looking



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