Hello world!

Welcome all to this first post on my blog.

So what is this all about and why should you be interested? Well, my primary aim is to promote my website at http://www.gdmkimages.co.uk. There you go my first plug! I provide a service that is totally bespoke and customisable to my customers needs.

So does the world need yet another photo services website? Well I think so. I agree there are a million and one sites selling photos and images but I am offering something different. Where I come in is providing a service for the likes of some of my elder relatives. They have loads of photos and a digital camera but have very little idea how to get the best out of the results. I have spent a lot of time downloading and tweaking images for them. They are amazed at how many formats and products there are available to show them at their best. Some never even thought it was possible to turn the digital images into ‘real’ pictures you can hang on a wall.
This is where I come in and offer my ‘Customised Just For You service’. Essentially you can take any print or digital image you own and I can work on it and finish it off on a product of your choice from a simple print through to canvas, acrylic and framed products.

Many people also can’t get their heads around how to get the best from a RAW or jpeg image straight from the camera. I will take that image and bring the best out of it so it can hang on the wall in all its glory.

A lot of people already have great photos and images but don’t want to pay out for a portrait session, and aren’t quite sure how to turn their images into great wall art. Well my service will fill that gap. Supply me the images and I’ll produce something you will be proud to hang on your wall.

I have been into genealogy for a while (that’s for another blog) and there are many people who have treasured old photos of Grandparents or even Great Grandparents that have seen better days. How many people have old WW1 soldier pictures that are faded, torn or generally a bit battered? I can take these images and undertake a digital repair and offer the result added to a product to show it off as it should be and not kept in the cupboard in an old shoebox. At the least I provide a download of a freshened up image for a price that many will find surprising (in a nice way).

I do enjoy taking photos and have quite a deep collection of various topics. I offer some of these images for sale along with a small, but growing, collection of digital art.
Aside from promoting my website I will also post photography related links and articles from around the web that I enjoy and hope you may also find interesting to read whilst idling away a few moments of your time.

Thats all for now, thanks for looking. Have a look at http://www.gdmkimages.co.uk and let me know what you think.


Fire away below and let me know what you think ......

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